Monday, February 1, 2010



I told myself I would start my blog when I wrote out my resolutions for the new year. Today marks the start of the second month of this "new" year, so I'll argue that I'm still in the ballpark. Resolutions don't always get their proper comeuppance in January. Sometimes they never get a second thought. Hopefully this one will.

I've been having so much fun being a contributor to my friend Lene Gary's blog, Five Minute Mornings,
I wanted to maintain a similar brevity of posts. As a novelist, I've found the creative short shorts to be just the ticket to unmuzzle the dogs of creativity and let them howl. The first requirements will be to please myself, to make myself laugh, to gain insights. The second requirement will be to make you laugh too, Oh Reader...or cry...or gnash your teeth and wail against the demons of stupidity. In other words, hopefully make us both think and feel and escape the numbing predictability of the day. A tall order, but I've never ducked a challenge.

I can write about most anything, but I am only knowledgable about what I already know. As Edie Brickell sang: "I'm not aware of too many things. I know what I know if you know what I mean."

But then she also reminds us "Don't let me get too deep." I'm sure I'll hear from you if I do.

I'll touch on a lot of things - from my practice of karate and yoga, to story and novel excerpts, personal "Ah-ha's", travel memoirs, and whatever strikes my fancy. Like I said, this is MY baby.

Authorial disclaimer: I like fiction because it's, well, fiction. So don't expect that I've actually done everything I write about. If you aren't sure, then I'm doing something right. (Remember the joke about the guy selling the talking dog for ten bucks? The dog tells the buyer about the amazing adventurous life he's led - bomb sniffer, CIA dog, etc. When the potential buyer asks the seller why is he selling such an amazing animal for so cheap, he replies "Because he's a liar. He never did half of that stuff.")

So that's what Tiny Stories is all about. Just remember, although diminuitive, they could be giants!

Please enjoy.


  1. Starting your blog was a great new year's resolution!
    Beautiful, thanks for sharing all this!

  2. Thanks, Michelle. I agree. I hope to see more of your art in the galleries all over the planet!