Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oh Yeah...Follow Your Heart! Go with the output, not the put-put.

My horoscope tells me I have a choice to make this month -- says it's a Venus vs. Mars thing: On the one hand, a truly solid work and career opportunity, which may ensure long-range happiness and more income. On the other hand, freedom, travel, fun, and ego satisfaction without responsibility. It tells me to opt for the inner happiness with work.

Okay. I've always opted for inner happiness and work. Perhaps it's time for the other choice. Now, don't get me wrong...I'm all about work, but I'm not all about busy work. I don't need a kick to get out of bed and get going, unless there's no creativity to the work. That's when I check out mentally.

Mark Victor Hansen once said, "My wife and I are more interested in our employees' output than in their put-put." That strikes a chord within me. Too many times we are simply going through the motions, doing our work by rote rather than with heart. Put-put...I move a pile from one side of my desk, only to shift it back later. I move things rather than move things out into the world. In my experience, too much of that put-put can give us creative amnesia, into a place where we forget our highest purpose is to put beautiful and useful things out into the world as our tithing.

So yes, I have a decision to make. I'm not worried about me working. I'm mostly worried about busy work that eats up my time, blinds me to the possibilities, dries up my creativity. Maybe I'll opt for the freedom, travel, and fun and then backtrack and see how to make it work into a marvelous career opportunity.

Are you with me?

Let's see how Little Richard has been doing it for the past 55 years. That ain't put-put:

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